A Colorado Wedding with a Twist of Mother Nature

“So Kate and Tim get married...and...the heavens unleash..and it was good!” - Father of the Bride

The Colorado Lake House Ceremony of your Dreams

July 5th, 2019: It started out as a beautiful, sunny summer morning out at Tim’s family lake house in Longmont, Colorado. The girls sipped on champagne whilst getting their hair and makeup done while the boys partook in various shenanigans (as usual). The day was running smoothly as everyone rushed to finalize every last detail. Once the clock struck 5pm, it was game time. The bridal party all assembled and hopped on their designated boats (yes I said cool!). The bridal party was on one, Tim and his mother on another, and lastly Katie and her father. They all elegantly floated across the lake as the rest of the party anxiously waited for the ceremony to begin. Once everyone successfully disembarked their boats and walked down the dock-aisle, the officiant (one of Tim’s closest friends) began his speech as Tim and Katie gazed into eachothers eyes with all their closest family and friends surrounding them and a beautiful scenery behind them.

A Groom’s Speech That’ll Make You Cry

Now time for the couples handwritten vows. Katie was up first and beautifully expressed her love for Tim over the past four years. She shared the gratitude she has for all the small things Tim does for her and how he brings out the very best in her. She also shared wise advice from a close family friend on why you should always hang on to the feelings you have in the beginning of a relationship. She then passed the mic off to Tim.

“A lot of people have asked me how I knew you were the one and I think the answer is simple, you make me happy everyday”. - Tim Walker, Groom

Tim is the definition of a guy who “swiped right” physically and metaphorically speaking. Tim shared some of the story of how the two met and how it changed his life for the better. He expressed how much he loved Katie, her positive attitude, and all the things she’s brought into his life, like Waffles (their dog :)). As he wrapped up his speech, he started getting a little emotional and choked up and you could hear the pure love in his voice as he said his final words. This instantly brought tears to the eyes of every person in the venue. Then finally everyone heard the words they’d all been waiting for “I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride!” and the just married couple strutted back down the aisle hand and hand cheering and ready to take on life together!

The Reception: In True Colorado Weather Style

After the ceremony, the bride and groom enjoyed a little cocktail hour in the backyard. Lots of love, hugs, and congratulating all around. In the distance the clouds started to look a little ominous but anyone who has lived in Colorado knows you can never trust the weather radar because the weather is as bipolar as it gets. Sometimes we can even have all four seasons in one day. And let me tell you, that’s exactly what happened… without any real notice, as the father of the bride said, “The Heaven’s unleashed” and this was NOT an exaggeration. Don’t believe me? Watch their video and see what i mean.

Rain started hurling down from the sky as everyone rushed to huddle under the white tents in the front yard. Just when we all thought we were safe it started HAILING and that’s when we lost power. All the guests sat there huddled looking at each other thinking “what the F do we do” then some of the more brilliant guests made a run for it sacrificing their bodies to grab the essentials, the boat full of beer (duh). It was at that moment that the rain and hail started blowing sideways, completely soaking everything and everyone. Sitting there in awe as there were legitimately tables flipping and bbq food flying on to peoples outfits I looked over to one of my fellow videographers and said “Are we about to be in the middle of a tornado?”

A couple more minutes went by and everyone decided to just fully embrace the situation. With no power, lights, or music the crowd decided to create their own by belting songs at the top of their lungs and starting a dance party. The DJ scrambled to step in and save the day by setting up some portable backup strobe lights. Soaking wet while, drink in hand, and dancing their butts off, it had then turned into one of the best parties we have ever been to. There was nothing in the whole world that could stop Tim and Katie from having the most wonderful night of their lives. They fully embraced every part of the crazy weather with smiles on their faces and had a solution for any hiccups that came along. If that isn’t a great indicator that they will live a long happy and FUN life together...I don’t know what is.

A Huge Thank You From Your Denver Wedding Videographers

Tim & Katie, we will be forever grateful for the experience shooting your wedding. As videographers, we would be nowhere without our clients. Thank you for being our first couple and taking a chance on us to create the wedding video of your dreams. We wish you two nothing but the best in life and your beautiful marriage!

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