Engagement VIDEO Session - Yep, That's Right!

So, you just got engaged and the wedding planning has started to roll. You start to select your date, venue, save-the-dates, engagement photographer etc... but what about an engagement videographer? You might be thinking “I’ve never heard of that” or “What does that even mean?”. Well, we're about to answer those questions for you right now!

Capture You and Your Partner in Your Element

What better way to grab that real/raw emotion other than snapping footage of you both enjoying a beer at your favorite brewery or romping around at your favorite mountain escape? See how one couple reminisced the day they got engaged at Denver Beer Company - Denver Beer Company Engagement Video

This intimate time with you allows us to get you familiar with having cameras all up in your business. Teaching you how to basically “act like we aren't there” (which will most likely be one of the first things we tell you when we meet in person). We know this is easier said than done and that’s why we will help you along the way. Mostly by telling terrible jokes and embarrassing ourselves for the sake of getting “the shot”.

Perfect Addition to Your Final Wedding Video

Wedding videos are such an amazing way to capture the genuine emotion of one of the most special days of your entire life. Trust us, alone they are quite magical. So what could possibly take your wedding video to the next level? You guessed it, adding in footage from your engagement video shoot.

Not only does it make your final edit more dynamic, it brings in the parts of your relationship that makes you, YOU. Also in case you were wondering - your dogs are 1000% invited to the party….

Click here to see one example on how we can add your engagement video to the final wedding edit!

Less Stress

On your wedding day with SO many things going on at once, chances are, your timeline will get thrown off. Sometimes this can affect how much time we get to film just you and your fiancé with no one else around. Having an engagement video taken ahead of time ensures that our 1 on 1 time goes uninterrupted. So, when wedding day comes around we don’t need to worry if our time gets cut short and can rest easy knowing that we have all the footage we need to make the video of your dreams.

Let’s Do This!

Trust us, you WILL NOT regret this engagement video session. As always, there will be music, dancing, terrible jokes and possibly some champagne (or bevvie of your choice).

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